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polyvore outfits

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polyvore outfits.

Welcome to polyvore_me! If you have come here not knowing what Polyvore is, you can register at Polyvore to get addicted learn more about it!

Please post your sets and outfits here, get inspiration, give inspiration, and just revel in fashion!

As with most communities, we do have a few rules:
1. Put your outfits under a LJ cut. Our friends pages will thank you!
2. Make your posts friends only.
3. Don't start drama or take part in it. We do not like that, and will not tolerate it.
4. If you do not like some of the outfits, just skip over it. It's as easy as that. We all have our own style!
5. Post anything related to the community.
6. The best rule of them all...HAVE FUN! :)

above banner made by coutureisqueen

Link back to us, if you would like! Just put one of these with a link in your profile:
1. 2.